do you ever type a sentence beginning with a capital letter and then go back and change it to a lower case one like ‘woah there, gotta be casual’

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Nails on fleek


Has anyone else ever noticed how being drunk excuses rapists from rape, but victims who are drunk are blamed because they were drunk??? Like “oh he’s drunk he didn’t mean it” vs “well she shouldn’t have been drunk, she was asking for it”

Ikr it’s bull






Nicki Minaj aged 17

prettier than now tbh

god damn

This is Vashtie tho…

It’s a shame they don’t know who Vashtie is.


You know what I just realized which is totally fucked up?

If a guy is drunk and cheats on his girlfriend, it wasn’t his fault because he was intoxicated.

But if a girl is drunk and gets raped, it was her fault because she had gotten intoxicated in the first place. 

Like, double standards holy shit.

Everybody is always telling girls to be careful at parties but no one is telling these dudes who take advantage of them shit! How bout you tell your sons/brothers to leave people TF alone when they’re drunk!! Are they THAT desperate that they have to wait till a chick is drunk to try to sleep with them?

When a shirt has been in your drawer too long and it got that “drawer” smell…

Them type of friends who act different around people you don’t know suck. Then they wonder why you stop talking to them.


  • me: i haven't taken a photo of me in awhile
  • *takes photo*
  • me: oh thats why